Our Solicitors

Mr Iu Ting Kwok

Professional Titles


Accredited Mediator (General & Family)

Accredited Family Mediation Supervisor

Civil Celebrant of Marriages


Academic Qualifications:

BA (Hons)

MA (with credit) in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution



Professional Qualifications:

1991 : Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong

1992 : Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales (non-practising)

1994 : Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of

  Singapore (non-practising)

1994 : Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland (non-practising)

1994 : Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Tasmania (Australia) (non-practising)

1995 : Solicitor of the High Court of Ireland (non-practising)


Public Services

Chairman, Special Committee on Evaluative Mediation appointed by the Secretary for Justice

Member, Steering Committee on Mediation appointed by the Secretary for Justice

Member, Regulatory Framework Sub-committee under the Steering Committee on Mediation (2012 to 2016)

Member, Working Group on Apology Leglistion (2012 to 2016)

Member, Mediation Accreditation Committee, HKMAAL


Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor - City University of Hong Kong, School of Law

Adjunct Professor-Department of Law and Business, HKSYU

Visiting Professor - University of Law, United Kingdom




Judicial Experience

2002 - 2003  Labour Tribunal (Night Court), Judiciary - Deputy Presiding Officer

Feb - March 2018 / Jul - Aug 2018 District Court, Temporary Deputy Registrar



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“Mediation Clause – A Boilerplate?”, (Issue No.19) Mediation – February 2004

“Case Review – Kenon Engineering Limited v. Nippon Kokan Koji Kabushiki Kaisha also known as Nippon Kokan Koji Corporation (CACV 214-216/2003)”, co-author, (Issue No.20) Mediation – July 2004

“The Long Story of a Brief Amendment – The history and development of section 17A of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance”, Hong Kong Lawyer – August 2005

“Book Review – A Magistrate’s Court in Nineteenth Century Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Lawyer – October 2005

“A Case for Probate Mediation in Hong Kong” co-author, Asian Dispute Review – October 2005

“The appointment of mediators - issues relating to mediators' fees”, conference paper of  “Mediate First” Conference, a 2-day conference organized by the Department of Justice and  other sponsors (May 2012)

“Should a lawyer - mediator's fee be shared in Hong Kong?” co-author, Hong Kong Lawyer - September 2012.

“A Mediator’s Prayer”, TANPAN, The Chinese-English Journal on Negotiation – November 2013

“調解保密 – 最近加拿大最高法院案例的啟示” co-author, Mediator’s Voice – October 2014

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DanShaRi – A Modern Decluttering Philosophy That Mediators May Find Interesting (2019)

Is Investor-State Mediation An Emerging Practice? A Practitioner’s Perspective (2019)


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