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項目 Item書目/书目 Book Title書庫代碼/ 书库代码 Library Code版本/版本Edition年份/年份 Year入庫日期/入库日期 Acquisition Date
The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong PRC 7-1Looseleaf (Issue 52)201918/06/2019
Hong Kong Personal Injury ServicePER 5-1Looseleaf (Issue 53)201911/07/1905
Hong Kong Case Citator 2019 Cumulative Supplement Issue 5LLR 12-3-13---201918/06/2019
Hong Kong Cases 2019 (2)LLR 3-(148)---201918/06/2019
Butterworths Hong Kong Criminal Law and Procedure HandbookCRM 27-12nd201918/06/2019
Is the Hong Kong Judiciary Sleepwalking to 2017? MIS 14-11st201908/06/2019
Is Common Sense the First Rule in Statutory Interpretation?MIS 15-11st201908/06/2019
Text, Cases and Commentary on the Hong Kong Legal SystemLLS 24-11st201908/06/2019
An Introduction to Hong Kong Business LawCMM 27-15th201908/06/2019
29The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (Volume 1)LLR 1---201929/05/2019
Butterworths Hong Kong Contract Law HandbookCON 15-25th201928/05/2019
Hong Kong Conveyancing and Property Reports LLR 8-(27)2018201923/04/2019
Hong Kong Family Law ReportsLLR 11-(14)2018201910/04/2019
Intellectual Property in Hong Kong IPL 13-11st201910/04/2019
1Law of Companies in Hong Kong COM 24-33rd201831/03/2019
2Hong Kong Construction Safety Management and the Law BCL 2-14th201831/03/2019
3Contract Law in Hong KongCON 22-33rd201831/03/2019
4Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings in Hong KongPRC 9-33rd201930/03/2019
5Paths of JusticeLLM 23-11st201830/03/2019
6Landmark Cases in Criminal LawCRM 26-11st201730/03/2019
7The Law of Real Property, Megarry & WadeLAN 14-28th201230/03/2019
8Hong Kong Employment Law ManualEMP 11-1AIssue 39201922/03/2019
9Hong Kong Cases 2018 (6)LLR 3-(146)---201801/03/2019
10The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong KongPRC 7-1Issue 51201922/02/2019
11Hong Kong Personal Injury ServicePER 5-1Issue 51201928/01/2019
12Hong Kong Law Journal (Volume 48) JOU 1---201823/01/2019
13Hong Kong Law Journal (Volume 47) JOU 1---201723/01/2019
14Hong Kong Law Journal (Volume 46) JOU 1---201623/01/2019
15Hong Kong Cases 2018 (5)LLR 3-(145)---201821/12/2018
16Hong Kong Case Citator 2018 Cumulative Supplement Issue 4LLR 12-3-12---201817/12/2018
17The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong PRC 4-3Desk201808/12/2018
18Law of Contract in Hong Kong Cases and CommentaryCON 23-55th201808/12/2018
19中華人民共和國香港特別行政區基本法 [中文版]BAL 11-3A---201804/12/2018
20The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (Volume 3)LLR 1---201824/11/2018
21Family Law and Practice in Hong Kong [The Hong Kong Law Library]FAM 26-33rd201805/11/2018
22Hong Kong Cases 2018 (4)LLR 3-(144)---201829/10/2018
23Hong Kong Conveyancing Law LAN 10-68th201826/10/2018
24Butterworths Hong Kong Partnership Law HandbookPAR 2-12018201805/10/2018
25Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2019 Volume 1CIV 14-15A2019201828/09/2018
26Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2019 Volume 2CIV 14-15B2019201828/09/2018
27Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2019 Arbitration and ADRCIV 14-15C2019201828/09/2018
28Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2019 Court FormsCIV 14-15D2019201828/09/2018
29The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (Volume 2)LLR 1---201828/09/2018
30The Employment Ordinance An Annotated Guide EMP 10-2ALooseleaf (Issue 38)201820/09/2018
31Butterworths Hong Kong Family Law HandbookFAM 25-33rd201810/07/1905
32Hong Kong Cases 2018 (3)LLR 3-(143)---201823/08/2018
33Hong Kong Employment Law ManualEMP 11-1ALooseleaf (Issue 38)201822/08/2018
34Hong Kong Cases 2018 (2)LLR 3-(143)---201828/06/2018
35The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest 2017 YearbookLLR 1A-(21)2017201805/07/2018